Make Money Through Affiliate Scheme presents a straightforward, no-cost affiliate opportunity for MMO game enthusiasts globally.

By promoting and encouraging others To Become Affiliate, you can earn a profit.

How does our Affiliate  Scheme Function?

Every affiliate receives a distinct referral link.

This link can be shared on forums, social platforms, or given to renowned streamers, YouTubers, bloggers, or even during in-game chats with buddies.

When someone—be it a pal, forum member, gamer, or a fan of an influencer—follows your referral link and lands on, their journey begins.

If that redirected individual places an order on, you earn a commission. Thanks to tracking cookies, there's no rush; the purchase can happen anytime, 

and you'll still benefit.

Additionally, if someone joins our Affiliate Scheme using your referral link, you earn from the transactions made through their referral links.

Visualize the potential earnings from all these referrals!

To Become an Affiliate, Follow These Steps:

1. Register for the Affiliate Scheme.

2. Access your unique referral link.

3. Promote and share your link.

4. Receive commissions when your link results in sales.

5. Cash out your earnings through PayPal, Skrill, or Bitcoin.

Our commission structure is flexible, allowing earnings from 3-20% based on the products sold.

Interested in joining our affiliate scheme? Reach out to us via email at: [email protected].

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